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Love My Kids Sterling Silver Personalized Necklace

Choose the length and style of chain you would like
Choose option for the Heart text
Enter the names to be stamped on the round washer. Separate each name with a comma.
Please note: If more than two names, we will NOT stamp the scrolls on either end.
Names will be separated with a heart - we will place the hearts where you place the commas.
Choose how many birthstone crystals you would like

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We made this one for the moms - the moms that spend their nights baking cupcakes, attending PTO meetings and sewing costumes. The moms that work all day, then come home and cheer on their soccer players or dancers all night. The moms who wake up at night to change diapers or scare away monsters or to go to work while the rest of the house sleeps. They do all this because they love their kids!

This hand stamped necklace features a heart charm with "Love My Boys", "Love My Girls" or "Love My Kids" stamped on it. (We can stamp the singular version of each one as well.)

The round washer can fit up to 25 characters, up to 4 small names. If you have one or two names, we will add the scroll design on either side. There will also be a heart between each name. You can choose up to four birthstones as well! 

Comes in a gift box with a polishing pad and care card.

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