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Actual Handwriting Jewelry, Gold Bar Necklace

Choose the length of the necklace (measurements do not include the height of the bar, which is 1/4" high).
Please upload your handwriting sample here. Jpegs are best. Try to take a sharp, in focus picture, with no shadows.

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Actual handwriting jewelry is a unique way to keep your loved ones close to your heart. An eye-catching gold filled bar necklace engraved with actual handwriting that you supply. Layer it with another charm necklace or wear it on its own.

The 1 1/2" long, 18 gauge gold filled bar is hand-cut and finished with a matte finish. Your image will be stamped centered as shown in the picture.

The size of your image will depend on how it fits on the bar. Handwriting with long "drop letters" (lowercase f, g, p, etc) can make it smaller as we need to reduce the image to accommodate the drop letter. Our actual handwriting jewelry is engraved using a machine, and then hand finished.

You can choose the length of your necklace (image shown on model is 16").

All pieces are gold filled. Gold filled actual handwriting jewelry is a beautiful, durable alternative to solid gold jewelry. The gold is bonded with the core materials, it is not plated. There is no chipping or wearing away of the gold - just a beautiful piece of actual handwriting jewelry that will be a keepsake for you for years to come.


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