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Valentines Day

Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle Cuff Bracelet

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When I was redecorating my daughters' room I came across this saying and I loved it -  "Never let anyone dull your SPARKLE". We all know there are people out there that definitely want to steal your shine - this is a reminder not to let that happen. I gave this bracelet to my daughters to wear - they can take it off and read the message whenever they need to.

Made out of 12 gauge Aluminum. Super lightweight and hypo allergenic! Hand stamped as shown, with a sparkle design on the outside and the message on the inside.

Aluminum is a great choice for kids, because it is affordable and lightweight, but durable. It will bend fairly easily if pulled or squeezed, so here is a great video that shows how to put on a cuff without having to pull it open: https://youtu.be/bU6QwykAo7w?t=1m35s

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