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Personalized Necklaces

Mens Personalized Necklace, Mixed Metals

Enter what you'd like stamped on the smaller copper disc.
Enter text to be stamped on larger Brass disc.

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Here at Jessie Girl we know the moms and grandmas love to brag about their babies. Well, dads and grandpas love to brag about them too, but maybe in a more, "Dude, check it out" tone rather than a "LOOK AT MY KIDS NAMES, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH" kind of way.

Our mixed metal pendant is hand stamped with the text of your choice on two discs. The larger brass disc is 1" in diameter and fits 22 characters. The smaller copper disc is 3/4" and fits 16 characters. Then the discs are darkened and brushed for a rugged, understated look.

Some ideas of what to put on the discs:

  • Names and birthdates of children
  • Just names (you can fit more than one on each disc)
  • Initials and wedding date

Hand stamped, one letter at a time.

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