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Personalized Rings/Keychains

Sterling Silver Personalized Skinny Wrap Ring

Enter what you would like stamped - you will give instructions for placement in the next box.
Font Choices for our skinniest items
Enter instructions on how text should be placed on the ring.
For example: "Stamp Ellie on top with small heart after name. Stamp John on bottom with small heart before name."
Example: "Stamp: "This too shall pass" so that "This too" is on the top and "shall pass" is on the bottom.
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Our sterling silver skinny wrap ring is custom stamped with names or words of your choice. 

Text can be on just the ends ("top" and "bottom" as shown in the picture), or they can be stamped all the way around the ring.  We can also stamp the small heart that you see in the picture, tiny angel wings, a tiny infinity sign or a small star.

We can only stamp on one side.

This ring is stamped, formed and finished by hand. Finish is brushed and rustic. Sizing is adjustable, to get a comfortable fit you can make the ring a bit larger or smaller by pulling it open or squeezing it slightly.

Stamping done by hand each letter, name or design may have slight variations in alignment, spacing and depth. Each piece will not look alike, insuring that you receive a one-of-a-kind handmade keepsake!

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