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Custom Bracelets

My Family Personalized Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

Choose the size of the bracelet
Enter the Font You would like. If you'd like to mix fonts, choose "MIX" and enter the mix you would like in the "order notes" box.
Enter the names, divided by a comma (that is where we'll stamp the heart).
Enter the Initials for the couple, with an "&" in between
Enter the year established
Optional notes - include any design stamp requests.

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A hand crafted sterling silver personalized cuff bracelet, celebrating family!

In the center, children's names are stamped with the small heart between each one. On the left end, the initials of the couple who started the family. On the right end, the year the family was "established" (wedding date, etc...)

Comes in a gift box with polishing pad. 

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