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6 Things You Need to Know about Hand Stamped Jewelry

August 05, 2019

6 Things You Need to Know about Hand Stamped Jewelry | Jessie Girl Jewelry

6 things you need to know about hand stamped jewelry

What is Hand Stamped Jewelry?

1. Hand stamping is the art of using metal stamps and a hammer to imprint the desired characters or design into the metal.

Unlike engraving, which typically uses a stylus to create the shapes, hand stamped jewelry is made by artists who use stamps that have the shapes carved out of them, much like stamps used for papercrafts.

2. Many people confuse hand stamped jewelry with engraved jewelry.

An engraver uses a stylus to “write” the words and designs, much like using a pen. This can be done by either using a machine or by hand. While this does result in a very precise and exact look, the engraving is usually very light and is not deep enough to be darkened.

3. A hand stamper uses individual letters and picture stamps to create words and designs.

While there are some kinds of “machines” that are designed to help with the process, most hand stampers do not use a machine to stamp their pieces. Hand stamping is usually deeper into the metal, which makes it easier to read and lasts longer.

4. The current trend in hand stamping is to darken the lettering and designs so they are easier to read.

Darkening the stamped areas makes them stand out against the metal. This is especially true for silver pieces. On gold and rose gold, it is sometimes more preferable to leave the stamped areas “natural”. However, darkening or not darkening the stamping is a personal preference and depends on the artist’s or customer’s intention.

5. In order to be a successful stamper, you need to have an eye for spatial relationships so the lettering can be spaced properly.

Stampers can use a variety of tools and techniques to get their pieces to look a certain way. Tape, rulers and sharpie markers are a stamper’s best friends! A design may call for the stamping to look very “rustic” and natural, so the artist will not use any help to keep the lettering lined up and straight. Other artists prefer a neater look and will use tape and measurements to get a more polished look.


6. The ultimate appeal of hand-stamped jewelry lies in the ability of the wearer to have words or names that mean a great deal to them close to their hearts.

A mother can wear the names of her children, a college student can wear the coordinates of home, and a bride can have a ring with the date she got married. There are so many possibilities to create unique and meaningful pieces of jewelry with hand stamping. It’s an art form that will go on forever.

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