Not My Circus Not My Monkeys Hand Stamped Bracelet

Not My Circus Not My Monkeys Bracelet, Various Metals

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Not My Circus. Not My Monkeys. This polish phrase is a great reminder to stay out of all the "drama" that can take up our lives. 

Hand stamped one character at a time, in four different metal choices!

Choose from 12 gauge Aluminum, Nu Gold Brass, Copper or sterling silver. 

  • Aluminum is super lightweight and hypo allergenic, nickel free and will not tarnish or turn color.  
  • Nu Gold Brass is a mix of brass and copper, giving it a gorgeous color and substantial weight.
  •  Copper has a gorgeous rosey color and great weight and durability.
  • Sterling silver is strong and a precious metal - it will last a lifetime.

Hand stamped as shown, can also have custom text stamped on the inside for an additional charge.



Some people can have skin reactions to brass and copper, these reactions can cause their skin to turn color or the metal to change color or tarnish. Please be aware of any allergies before ordering.

Cuffs are adjustable, but come in 3 sizes for a perfect fit.